Balkan Express


From Venice to Istanbul by train, through the Balkans.
My intention was not to see Istanbul, but the experience of travel to reach it, to lose myself on Balkans.

Reading a short story by Paolo Rumiz, it inspired me to travel to Istanbul by train.
One day, in late January, I decided to take a backpack, my camera and without any booking I started my journey from Venice to Istanbul.
A small kind of adventure.
I went to Trieste by train, and then to Ljubljana
The next day, I caught another train to Belgrade, and the night after I travelled again by train to Sofia.
Finally, the last night train, the Balkan Express, which led me to Istanbul.
Cold, and continuous snow storms, looking for an hotel, talking to strangers in smoky bars,
meeting people and get in their homes, just to share a few moments of their lives.
This is the photographic story of what I saw through dirty windows of the trains, on the streets, inside homes.

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