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“it’s not just a portrait, it’s  humankind screaming, it doesn’t want to be seen, it wants to be heard.”

I don’t  remember where I read this sentence, but it guided me throughout the creative process for this project.

I portrayed people while they were expressing their state of mind with a scream, in a critical moment of their lives. They are no models nor actors, but common people who agreed to scream in front of a lens and show their feelings, emotions, rage and sorrow.
It wasn’t easy for them, nor was it for me: getting so close to people’s intimate feelings is a precious gift, a unique moment. They are moments of deep empathy, captured in fractions of seconds.

Each “print” has been obtained transferring the upper layer of the inkjet print on watercolour paper.
This technique creates images that cannot be replicated: each print is unique.
As unique as the very moment of the scream.
The printing technique, as well as the subjects portrayed are imperfect and as such they create images that allow the viewer to experience the emotion felt during the shooting moment. 



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