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Fine Art Print: is a methodology that guarantees to produce prints following highly professional standards, on very special papers, destined to last over time.
Every job I do is always printed.
In an era of ephemeral and virtual, having a print in your hand, physically touching a photograph, returns to be something very special, unique.
Almost against the tide.

For more than ten years I have also been printing photographs for other photographers (exhibitions, portfolios, limited editions), and this has allowed me to raise my quality standard in the printing process.

Being a photographer and printer allows me to have an overview of the entire photographic process.

Mainly use Canson and Hahnemühle cotton papers, Awagami kozo papers, but I try (and propose) other kinds of papers, some of which are handmade.

Papers in stock:
Canson RAG Photographique 310gr
Canson Platine 310gr
Hahnemühle RAG 308
Hahnemühle Photo RAG Baryta 315gr
Awagami Kozo Thick White 110gr
Awagami Bizan Handmade Thick White 300gr

Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks

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Digigraphie® by Epson is a validation mark for the production of limited edition certified fine art prints. Each print is exclusive, as each edition produced by the printer is numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee.

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